Jacob C. Hammes: Synesthetic Collection #1

 10 July 2010 - 29 August 2010

Te Tuhi's latest Drawing Wall project features Chicago multimedia artist Jacob C. Hammes. Hammes has exhibited and performed extensively in Chicago and is involved with a number of sound performance groups and artist run galleries. Often working collaboratively Hammes' practice operates within the realms of installation and experimental media, hardware hacking and sound art. In his current body of work entitled Deep Imagination Therapy Hammes investigates the creative unconscious by hypnotising his fellow sound artists. The resulting sound recordings of the hypnotisms reveal synesthesic experiences and extraterrestrial imaginings.

For the Drawing Wall Hammes has installed a new development of this series by turning the recordings into an interactive sound installation of sound artists that have been given the ability of synesthesia while under hypnosis. The recordings involve numerous people describing the visual appearance of various sounds as colours form and texture. While in New Zealand Hammes will continue his collection of recordings by hypnotising local artists to be added to the installation.


Bruce E. Phillips