Rapid Change

09 July 2011 - 04 September 2011

 Anu Pennanen // Dieneke Jansen // Elisapeta Heta // Gregory Holm // Matthew Radune // Peter Wareing // Stefan Canham // Reuben Moss // Rufina Wu

Rapid Change features nine artists who have explored cities facing periods of major transformation. Focussing on Auckland, Detroit, Hong Kong, Liverpool and New York, works in the exhibition consider the politics and societal impact of change in the urban environment.

While cities are continually in a state of flux there are often concentrated periods of rapid change that dramatically shape urban landscapes and greatly impact communities. Auckland is currently at the beginning of such a period. The rapid merger of eight regional councils into one 'Super City' government together with the electoral promise of rapid public transport has set Auckland on a course of major transformation.  By looking at significant changes in cities around the world Rapid Change considers Auckland's past and future urban landscape within a global context.

Bruce E. Phillips